« I always liked the night … but how different my moonlights on the Loire river from the lights of the city! Paris by night was as lively as Paris by day. In 1933,  almost the whole city was made of stones, stones which, whether day or night, reflected the light so perfectly.»


« Some photographers will see in the photography of a naked woman only an excuse for erotism. They will hardly ever make good photos. Your curiosity must, first and foremost, be that of an artist … in all humility. »

Return of the works at the Louvre Museum

« 1946. René Huyghe, who was at that time curator-in-chief of the Dept of painting at the Louvre Museum, called me to let me know that works of art which had been stored or hidden in the provinces were going to return to the Musem. If I wanted to take photos of this, I had to be at the Donon door on such date, at such time. Of course I went ! »


« Landscapes and animals always fascinated me. The sea and the waves are inexhaustible themes for photographs. I also love animals. They feel it and they respond to it. I have only good memories of the photo reports I made with animals. »